While Nicks Piks was founded in the kitchen of Afton & Eric Attayi in late 2020, the history goes back a little longer. Your most burning question is probably one we get all the time...

Who the heck is Nick?

Nick happens to be a close friend of Eric & Afton- and he made pickles as a hobby in his spare time. As a self-declared pickle connoisseur, Afton knew there was something magical when she tried them. About a month later (and some convincing) Nick taught Afton his ways, and gave her the initial recipe. The first batch turned out pretty good (surprisingly), and it gave Afton the confidence she needed to launch the business.

Since then, Nicks Piks has perfected the pickles into what they are today.

Founder/CEO/Chef Afton, her best friend/Pickle Partner Megan, and pickle assistant Lily take every single step of the process very seriously. We personally hand select every single ingredient, sourcing them from several vendors depending on who has the best! The joy of handmade pickles is we always hand select what's in season and the freshest at the time.

All ingredients are purchased and in jars within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness. All are hand cleaned, cut, chopped, and prepared by Afton, Megan, & Lily. We keep our batches small, usually making about 30-40 each time. The process is a labor of love, taking us up to 5-6 hours depending on how many jars we produce. Afton hand signs each jar lid- which is why the signature is a mess at times!

We encourage everyone to reuse our jars. They are dishwasher safe, so please don't throw them away! We have used them for leftover sauces, fresh juices, Q-Tips in the bathroom, a pen holder in the office; they even make a cute succulent vase! We will gladly take them back for a credit on your next Nicks Piks Order!

We stand behind every single jar we make. Nothing has left our kitchen without being sampled and approved by myself personally. What more can we say?


Our logo mascot is Kilo- she is one of THREE Bull Terriers in the Attayi Animal Kingdom (plus another dog and cat!) They are all rescue dogs and started out life in far-from-ideal (i.e. awful) situations. We work closely with the TGC Bull Terrier Rescue Group, which is why we donate a percentage of our proceeds to Dog Rescue Groups. Every jar we sell feeds about 6 meals to a rescue dog in need! At this time, we are donating to the Bull Terrier Rescue- but will be adding more very soon!


flavors to rock your socks off

From the staples (like Original) to rotating limited edition spiciness (The Eric), we've got your pickle spectrum poppin'.


drives us

We want to give you the best pickle you've ever tasted, and help rescue dogs in the process. Sorry, that was two. But combined it's basically one.

6 Facts about NicksPiks

NicksPiks is a play on words.

We'll let you guess the rest.

We source and jar locally.

Everything right here in Houston, TX, baby.

Nick is an actual person.

Did you actually read the story earlier on this page?

We're a small woman owned company.

And we appreciate the support as we take off!

We donate to rescue dogs in need

For every jar of pickles you buy from us, we donate six meals to a rescue dog in need.

Those jars are meant to be reused

Don't throw them away!