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The pickle that started it all

The pickle that will change your life. By far the best selling and highest reviewed recipes. Our take on a classic dill pickle, although they are far from boring. We start with the freshest cucumbers, garlic and dill– all prepared by hand. Our signature brine really makes these pickles a game changer. They are good with-everything.


Oh, you spicy.

We start with our original Garlic & Dill recipe, but then add fresh jalapenos– seeds and all. They have a wonderful pepper flavor with a spicy kick. We also add other mild seasonal peppers to the mix. As always we use our signature brine– but use all the leftover peppers to really add that pepper flavor. Spice level is about medium– it's very doable for most people.


Oh, you really spicy.

Do you like some heat? We stepped it up a notch from our Jalapeno flavor, and use fresh serrano peppers. We also add other spicy seasonal peppers. We use the same signature spicy brine. These are one of our best selling and reviewed recipes. The spice level is hot and also slightly addictive... in the best way. You've been warned.


Everything's better with Ranch.

An ode to one of Afton & Megan’s favorite condiment- Ranch Dressing. And no, creamy Ranch Dressing is not in the pickles.. we're crazy but not that crazy. We hand make our own signature “Game Day” seasoning - which is the key to this amazing pickle. We add tons of fresh dill and garlic as well. This has become one of our best sellers for good reason. The flavor is 100% kid approved- according to Afton's two-year old nephew Parker and godson Miles!


Time to party.

Tajin meets fresh lime meets cilantro meets jalapeno (which is a mouthful!) The flavor packs a punch: we skip the dill with this flavor and replace it with lots of fresh cilantro. We hand zest and juice limes to give them that zesty citrus kick. These are incredible with Bloody Mary's or a Michelada - add some of the juice too - you will be the hero of all brunch parties!

Limited Editions



French style pickle

A French-style pickle that is inspired by Cornichons- which are tiny whole pickle. You will usually see them at the olive bar or served with a charcuterie board. The flavor is slightly different than a traditional dill pickle, due to the use of mustard seasonings which gives them a fresh and tangly bite. After perfecting the recipe, these have become Afton’s favorite flavor.

The Eric


Oh, you really, really spicy.

We've been dying to make these.. and here they are. Named after Afton's husband who is obsessed with "Chasing The Heat" (weird, right?). Fresh GHOST PEPPERS added to our signature spicy brine. Eat at your own risk. Seriously.

The Juices

Original Juice


Sans pickles.

We took our amazing Garlic & Dill pickles, and well, removed the pickles. *gasp* We love drinking the pickle juice around here though, so much so that usually the juice is gone before the pickles. We use all the same super fresh ingredients including cucumbers, and then it is strained before being jarred. Our cycling friends love it after a long ride, it can be added to food & beverages, or Afton’s favorite- straight out of the jar!

Spicy Juice


Sans pickles.

We start with our signature spicy brine that we use for the Jalapeno and Serrano pickles, and well, removed the pickles again. We use all the same super fresh ingredients including cucumbers, and then it is strained before being jarred. It is wonderful in Bloody Mary’s and Micheladas– paired with one of our spicy pickles as a garnish. You will be the hero of brunch! We promise.